What is the difference between demonic oppression, obsession, possession?

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1 Answer

These forms of demonic activity are called extraordinary because they do not occur with the same kind of frequency that ordinary demonic influence occur. Ordinary demonic influence occurs when a demon or demons introduce into our imaginations something to tempt us. Extraordinary influence occurs when, by the permissive Will of God, a demon or demons is allowed to influence a person in specific ways. Demonic obsession is when a demon repeatedly and constantly influences a person's mind so that he cannot get a particular thought out of his mind. Demonic oppression is when the demons do not attack the person interiorly but seek to destroy the person's exterior life which includes family, relations, work, physical health and things of this kind. Demonic possession consists in a demon or demons taking over the body physically so that the person does not have volitional control over what occurs bodily. more
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