What is the difference between Dual Beam and Dual Frequency transducers?

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A. Dual element transducers or dual beam transducers are great for both shallow and deep water performance. Transducers with more than a single beam provide multiple angles and/or multiple views. Multiple beam transducers have one ceramic element for each beam and are usually housed within a single housing. One of the elements transmits while the other receives. Active elements can be chosen for their sending and receiving capabilities providing a transducer with a cleaner signal. Our new Dual Beam sonar units are optimized to show the greatest bottom definition using a narrow (20) beam yet can still indicate fish found in the wide (45) beam when manually switched. Dual Beam is ideal for a wide range of conditions - from shallow to very deep water in both fresh and salt water. Please note that boat speed, wave action, bottom hardness, water conditions and transducer installation can all affect depth capability. more
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