What is the difference between endnotes and footnotes?

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1 Answer

There is little difference between the two in how they are presented and either one is acceptable. The only difference between the two is that footnotes appear at the bottom of the page at which the reference was made and endnotes appear on a separate page with the heading Endnotes which is placed just before the bibliography. Where to put footnotes All footnotes are to be numbered consecutively throughout the paper, beginning with the number 1. *Do not restart the count with each new page. The footnote number is a raised number (superscript). Footnotes are placed at the end of the relevant words or sentence. Footnote references come after all punctuation except dashes. Footnotes are recorded in 10 point while endnotes are recorded as the rest of the work at 12 point. Working with Quotations A quotation is necessary when the author copies the words of another author word-for-word. When writing your paper you should always try to paraphrase other people's work (put it in your own ... more
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