What is the difference between extra sensorial perceptions and supranormal perceptions ?

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1 Answer

Let us precisely define these concepts. An extra sensorial perception is a perception that "takes place without the involvment of the senses", it describes what is perceived without the participation of the physical senses. But without the senses perception is not possible. It is an absurd concept though certain persons try to "send thoughts" to other people. This is irrelevant. If a person goes into a floatation tank, his or her physical senses are not stimulated. Nevertheless, that person will still enjoy many perceptions : colors, images, sounds, synesthesian sensations, odors, etc. This could demonstrate the existence of perceptions happening without the participation of physical senses. But in fact, these perceptions are not separated from the physical senses. An extra sensory perception would be "a perception happening without the involvment of the brain", something that is not possible. On the contrary the sensory deprivation experience underscores certain particular abilities ...
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