What is the difference between Fedex Ground/Home Delivery and Fedex Express?

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• Fedex Ground is Fedex’s non-expedited service, similar to UPS Ground services. Shipments are made by truck. Fedex Ground (Commercial) deliveries are made Monday-Friday. Home Delivery (Residential) service is provided Tuesday-Saturday. • Fedex Express is an expedited service. Generally, there are four delivery options: Priority – next day by 10:30am, Standard – next day by 3:00pm, Second day, third day. Fedex Express rates can be much more expensive than Fedex Ground. Please call for a quote. [Back To Top] • How long will it take to deliver my products after they are shipped? Click on the links below to see a map of standard ground delivery time. • Fedex Ground Service Map • Fedex Overnight Ground Service Map [Back To Top] • How do I track my shipments? Sign on to your account and click on Order History and Shipment Tracking. Once you select an order you would like to track, you will see a button to track your shipment if shipment information is available. [Back To Top] • I work in ...
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