What is the difference between fixed, floating and flex weeks?

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1 Answer

A. Fixed Weeks will always be identified by a number, corresponding to the week of the year. For example, the first week of January is Week 1, and the last week of December is Week 52. Most fixed weeks begin on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. When you have a fixed week you can only stay at the resort during your assigned week, year after year. Floating Weeks require you to contact the resort to designate your desired week. You can make a reservation for any time during the calendar year based on a resort's availability. There are always black out dates for events and other levels of membership, so it is crucial to call early. Flex Weeks require you to make a reservation to an assigned season. Flex time may be labeled by season or color; winter flex, summer flex, red, white, blue, etc. The terminology will always vary between different vacation resort companies. more
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