What is the difference between 'Foremen', 'Supervisor' and 'Manager'?

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1 Answer

Foremen, Supervisors and Managers are treated differently under CoINVEST Policy The Rules of the Trust Deed of the Construction Industry Long Service Leave Fund which is administered by CoINVEST do cover the role of a supervisor but only where that role is carried out by a "foreman/supervisor" or "general foreman/supervisor", as defined in the National Metal and Engineering On-Site Construction Industry Award. Although the Metal Engineering and Associated Industries Award contains a classification for a supervisor under part V, that part is not prescribed under the CoINVEST Rules and therefore those supervisors are not covered by the CoINVEST scheme. In the Building Trades and Electrical Trades and other Metal Trades prescribed awards, no reference is made to the classification of a foreman or a supervisor. The rules of the Trust Deed provide coverage but only for a foreman. Supervisors in the Building Trades and Electrical Trades are not covered.
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