What is the difference between hard casters and soft casters—and how can I get different casters for my chair?

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1 Answer

• Hard casters are recommended for use on “soft surfaces”, i.e. carpet. Soft casters are recommended for use on “hard surfaces”, i.e. wood floors, tile, chair mats. • Most HON chairs can be ordered with either hard or soft casters. You will need to check with your HON dealer to verify if the model you plan to order can be ordered with soft casters. • If you already have a HON chair and would like to switch caster types, they are available for purchase from The HON Company. To ensure you are ordering the correct caster for your chair, please locate the serial number on the sticker located on the underside of the seat and contact your HON Dealer or HON Customer Support at (800) 336-8398. more
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