What is the difference between hardshell and softshell lobsters?

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Lobsters grow by molting, or shedding their shells each year. Just after they molt, they are soft and fragile until their new shell has hardened. This usually takes a few months. Then they are once again known as "Hardshell" lobsters. Softshell (also called "Newshell") lobsters are not as full of meat because their new shell is larger than the muscle. This allows for another year's growth. Newshell lobsters represent 90% of the catch during the summer months. They are always less expensive and generally contain sweeter and juicier meat than the Hardshells. Newshell lobsters do not travel as well and are often shipped pre-cooked. This special process guarantees your lobster will arrive fresh and ready to serve. Just refrigerate until ready to use, then heat and serve. Our special salt water cooking process locks in the fresh flavor without the worry of keeping them alive until you're ready to serve them. Pre-cooking also gives your lobsters a three day refrigerated shelf life for your ...
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Every June, hardshell lobsters shed their shells to grow. A soft new shell grows underneath the old hard shell. The back of the old hard shell splits down the middle and the lobster pulls its tail, claws and legs out of the old shell and becomes a softshell or new shell. Over the season, the new shell will harden and become the next season's hardshell lobsters. Soft shell lobster season is from June through October. ~ Hardshell lobsters have more meat per pound than softshell lobsters. ~ Softshell lobsters have less meat per pound but have a sweeter flavor than hardshells. more

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