What is the difference between High Pressure and Melamine laminates?

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1 Answer

• High Pressure laminates - Wilsonart, Formica, Nevamar and Pionite - come with a gray phenolic backer in a wide variety of colors, patterns and woodgrains. They are approximately 1/32" in thickness, and get glued to the substrate (for slatwall, typically MDF medium density fiberboard). The melamine (low pressure) laminates come in a variety of product lines (foils, heat-transfers, vinyls, thermofused). Wind Mill uses a post-impregnated melamine paper that s adhered under heat and pressure directly onto the MDF panels. The basic difference is the high pressure laminate has the melamine surface glued to a phenolic backer first, then to the board; whereas, the melamine laminate eliminates the backer and gets glued directly onto the surface of the board. more
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