What is the difference between home heating oil / fuel oil and diesel?

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1 Answer

The following is a synopsis of differences between Off Road Diesel #2 and Home Heating Fuel Oil #2. Off road Diesel #2 and Home Heating Oil Fuel # 2 may differ only by the red dye added to the fuel and the tax applied. The fuels may differ somewhat as there is a specification regarding ash and sulphur content allowed for on-road use. In winter, in cold areas, Standard Road Diesel #2 may be blended with Diesel #1 or Kerosene K-1 to mitigate gelling problems and wax precipitation resulting from the cold weather. Similar blending may be applied to home heating oil in the within a cold region depending upon temperatures, and climate. During Winter Home Heating Oil may sometimes be sold and used as "Arctic Grade" diesel. This grade of fuel has less lubricating properties and should not be used in temperatures above about -30 (close enough to the same temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius). Higher BTU content is available with Home Heating Fuel Oil #4 and Home Heating Fuel Oil #6. This ... more
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