What is the difference between Lamination, UV Coating, and Varnish?

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1 Answer

Lamination - is a very durable film that is applied to jackets, covers and printed cases to prevent ink from scuffing and creates a very nice finished look. Lamination is done with heat and pressure and is done in house. Lamination comes in gloss and matte finish. It also comes in nylon and polypropylene. One word of caution if you are considering matte lamination: this lamination is very soft and can scuff easily. This scuffing is especially visible on dark colors. UV Coating - is a liquid form process, Thomson-Shore feels this form of coating potentially scuffs easier than lamination. We do not UV Coat in house. However, we can outsource this type of coating for you. UV coating also comes in gloss and matte finish. Varnish - is an inferior coating that is applied mainly to seal ink on the finished press sheets. We do not recommend this coating for covers and jackets on coated stock. more
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