What is the difference between liquid compost extract and compost tea?

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Compost extract is all the ingredients in compost minus the bulk. Liquid compost extract will have much better diversity than teas because liquid compost has everything that was in the original compost. Liquid compost has a shelf life of 5-7 days and longer in the winter which makes it a commercially viable product and allows for liquid compost to be made, shipped and applied without worry of loosing its effectiveness. The extraction process separates the minerals, biology, humic and fulvic acids, and many other life giving ingredients from the original compost creating a Liquid Compost that is nutrient dense and a very powerful soil building and foliar feeding concentrate. Compost tea on the other had takes a small volume of compost and small portions of food added to water then actively aerated for a specific amount of time to allow microbes in the compost to wake up and begin to multiply. Properly brewed teas can be effective but have major limitations for commercial operations. ...
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