What is the difference between Marathon (original), Marathon II, and Marathon III?

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A. The Roman numerals "II" and "III" represent a progression of development toward slower growth and improved aesthetics over the original Marathon. The Marathon products are all tall fescue grass species and are significantly more durable than other cool-season varieties of sod available for use in Southern California. Within the Marathon group, original Marathon is slightly more durable than the others, and its faster growth rate allows for quicker recovery from injury. Original Marathon was ranked the "number one" variety in US Dept. of Agriculture-sponsored tests for three years out of three. This ranking reflects strong disease resistance. Both Marathon II and the newer Marathon III are exclusive dwarf varieties developed by Southland Sod's research team with the requirements of the Southern California market area in mind. Focusing breeding selection criteria on creating dwarf plants allowed for a reduction in growth rate. The successful development of Marathon III has set a new ... more
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