What is the difference between nylon and poly blended ropes?

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1 Answer

• Ropes can be spun from either 100% nylon string or a blended nylon/polyester string. • 100 % nylon ropes, when compared to blended ropes of the same size and lay, tend to be a bit lighter in weight, have less body and a bit more spring. • Blended ropes tend to remain more consistent than 100 % nylon ropes in varying weather conditions. 4. True, Scant or Lite what difference does it make? • These terms all refer to the diameter of the rope. • Based on the traditional 3/8" size, the true diameter measures closest to 3/8". The scant or lite ropes measure less than 3/8" in diameter (within minimum size based on USTRC regulations). • A 3/8" true rope will have more body, and a little more weight than a 3/8" scant or lite rope so it will be more consistent in difficult weather conditions. • A 3/8" scant or lite rope will be slightly lighter and have more speed than a 3/8" true rope. 5. Extra Soft or Medium Soft what is the lay of a rope? • The lay of the rope refers to the stiffness of ...
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