What is the difference between ODSP and Ontario Works?

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1 Answer

The main difference is that you receive more money from ODSP than from Ontario Works. If you are the person with a disability, you are not required to sign a participation agreement with requires you to find work, go to school, volunteer, etc. Other adults in your household may be required to sign a participation agreement. You are allowed to keep more assets (like cash, savings, RRSPs) with ODSP than with Ontario Works. For example, a single person on ODSP is allowed to keep $5,000 in assets before they are disqualified. A single person getting Ontario Works benefits is only allowed to keep $572.00 in assets. Some assets (like your home or your car) are “exempt” and do not count as assets. Both programs offer other benefits like drug coverage, special diet allowance and moving allowance. more
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