What is the difference between pimento and roasted red pepper? Can they be used interchangeably in a recipe?

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Thank you. LSEThe pimento pepper is a red pepper with a thicker, sweeter flesh than the red bell pepper that is most often roasted. The pimento is the one that is dried and ground into paprika. I think in most cases, one could be used for the other. Just found your website. I have enjoyed reading every one's questions and I have learned a lot myself. I grow jalapeno peppers because I love to make cheddar peppers. My question is what can you do if your cayenne peppers have been picked too early? Can you still use them. I always thought that if they are green that just meant they were not as hot as the red ones. My husband wants me to make salsa with a kick to it and I like it milder. So I was thinking of using some cayenne pepper this year. TS Your peppers should still be okay to eat, but unlike tomatoes, they won't continue to ripen once removed from the plant. I found a good discussion on the subject of harvesting cayenne peppers at the Garden Web forums. We plant several jalapeno ... more
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