What is the difference between plucking and shaving leg hair?

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1 Answer

Shaving removes the hair from the surface, meaning it leaves the root of the hair under your skin. Shaving will usually last the shortest amount of time, will result in prickly re-growth that can look and feel thicker (although it actually isn't) and can usually be the most undesirable method of hair removal. It is usually quite costly in the end as well - having to replace razors and shaving cream for one. Plucking, or epilating (a device with a few dozen small tweezers) will remove the hair at the root. If the hairs are quite fine and white though, hairs will not be removed from the root but simply torn off at the surface. Epilating will last longer, but it really does depend on the rate that your body hair grows and the type of hair you have. It's quite painful at first, and can be time-consuming, but it's more convenient and less messy than shaving, and less expensive in the long-run. With shaving, my hair starts to grow back either that day, or if I am lucky, the next day. With ... more
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