What is the difference between poplin, percale, broadcloth and pique shirts?

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2 Answers

Poplin, percale and broadcloth are lightweight, plain weaves tightly woven with a nearly invisible slight crosswise rib. The differences between the three are minor. Pique refers to a texture in the weaving that is raised and can come in different varieties. Shouldnt expensive dress shirts be made with Sea Island or Egyptian cotton? Sea Island cotton is very expensive and is only certified by one company, Carstarphen. The Sea Island seed produces an extremely long staple length fiber of over two inches; about 50% longer than the other fine cotton varieties. Unless you are paying an extremely high price for Sea Island cotton shirts, chances are you are only getting a blended Sea Island cotton. In 1825, Sea Island cotton was brought into Egypt and crossed with a tree cotton called Jumel. This led to the gradual development of Egyptian cottons that could compete with the quality of Sea Island. Now, all cotton grown in Egypt is "Egyptian" cotton, but it is not the original meaning of ... more
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Sea Island cotton is also certified by the West Indian Sea Island Cotton Association. We represent in North America a sporswear collection for man from Switzerland called Spoerry 1866 www.spoerry1866.ch, a collection made entirely with this precious material.

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