What is the difference between probation, parole and extended supervision?

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1 Answer

• Probation is an order by a Judge that an Offender serve a certain length of time under community supervision. The Offender is NOT in prison, instead he/she is in the community and is assigned to a Division of Community Corrections Agent for that court-ordered length of time. When an Offender is "on probation," he/she sees the Agent as indicated, must abide by specific rules, which may include paying restitution, undergoing drug testing, successfully completing treatment, etc. When an Offender is "on probation," if he/she violates the terms of their probation, it is possible that the Offender may be revoked (jailed/incarcerated for a period of time). Some jail time can be made a condition of the probation. Parole is the early release from incarceration to the community supervision of a Division of Community Corrections Agent. Parole supervision will last until the Offender's maximum discharge date. For example, if an Offender was sentenced to ten years in prison, but was released ...
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