What is the difference between prophase and prometaphase?

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1 Answer

Prophase is a stage of mitosis in which chromatin condenses into a highly ordered structure called a chromosome (it is at this stage giemsa staining can be applied to elicit G-banding in chromosomes). This process, called chromatin condensation, is mediated by the condensin complex. Since the genetic material has been duplicated, there are two identical copies of each chromosome in the cell. Identical chromosomes, called sister chromatids, are attached to each other at a DNA element present on every chromosome called the centromere. prometaphase In early prometaphase, the nuclear membrane has just degraded, allowing the microtubules to quickly interact with the kinetochores on the chromosomes, which have just condensed. Microtubules invade the nuclear space. In late prometaphase, most of the chromosomes have begun the events of metaphase while the rest should have at least have one kinetochore connected.Prometaphase is the phase of mitosis following prophase and preceding metaphase, ... more
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