What is the difference between proteinuria and microalbuminuria?

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1 Answer

Proteinuria refers to an excessive amount of protein detected in the urine. Urine protein can be a complex combination of components that may include albumin, globulins, immunoglobulin light chains and low molecular-weight proteins. Microalbuminuria refers to the measurement of small quantities of albumin in the urine. In other words, microalbuminuria alludes to a small urine albumin concentration, typically <30 mg/dL, that is undetectable by semi-quantitative dipstick tests. The IDEXX Urine P:C Ratio measures all fractions of urine protein, including albumin. Different methodologies used for the urine protein measurement will have variable sensitivities to different protein fractions, especially the globulin fractions. However, almost all methodologies will detect the albumin fraction. more
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