What is the difference between Public Housing, Section 8, and Mod Rehab?

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Public Housing consists of properties that the Portland Housing Authority owns within the City of Portland, Maine. If you are eligible for our programs, when you reach the top of the waiting list you will move into one of these developments. If you are near elderly, elderly or disabled, you man choose between Franklin Towers, Harbor Terrace, and Washington Gardens. If you have a family, you may choose between Sagamore Village, Kennedy Park, Bayside Terrace, Bayside East, Riverton Park, Front Street, Dermott Court, or one of our scattered site units in the Peninsula Housing development. Section 8 is a different program. This is a Voucher Program for individuals and families wishing to rent from a private landlord. Participants receive a Voucher from the PHA, and find their own apartment in the Portland area. The apartment must fall within the Fair Market Rent* in the City of Portland, and must be within a ten (10) mile radius. If the unit meets the program requirements, the ...
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