What is the difference between Registered and Non-Registered home childcare providers?

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1 Answer

Non-registered childcare providers are required to follow the same requirements as registered childcare providers. The difference is the time line. For example, registered childcare providers are required to receive their CPR/First Aid training within three months. Non-registered providers need the training; however, a timeline is not listed. Both registered and non-registered providers need to follow the USDA food guidelines, have a safe home, and maintain files on the children they serve. Registered daycare providers are eligible for grants and in certain cases, additional free training and resources. Registered childcare providers are paid on a higher rate for state subsidy children, and they are required to register if the children are in protective care. Registered childcare providers are 100% checked by home consultants and non-registered providers are checked by DHS. Beginning December 1, 2002, non-registered providers cannot care for more than a total of five children in ... more
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