What is the difference between regular or adjudicated probation and deferred or unadjudicated probation?

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1 Answer

Probation refers to "community supervision." In a probation case, the defendant is found guilty (i.e., convicted) and sentenced to a period of time in jail or prison; however, the jail time or prison time is "probated" or suspended, meaning put on hold. Probation time can range from 6 months on a misdemeanor to 10 years on a felony. During the probation period, the defendant meets with a probation officer and is monitored closely to ensure compliance. Some of the rules of probation include: commit no offenses, perform community service hours, pay a fine, pay court costs, not use drugs or alcohol, provide random urine tests, attend counseling or therapy, work faithfully or attend school full-time. Other rules often apply but are based on the particular offense. And, for any probation, the judge may order some jail time as a condition of the probation. At the end of the probation term, if the defendant is successful on probation, the judge will release the defendant from probation; ... more
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