What is the difference between Religious Science, Science of Mind and Unity?

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It lies in how much importance is given to Jesus. Jesus is our God standard in Unity. In Religious Science, Jesus is not given quite the same value. Although we both agree that Jesus was a man and the Son of god, we both agree that we are all God's children as well. Science of Mind believes in his teachings, and its textbook is based a great deal on his teachings. Ernest Holmes and Charles Fillmore were good friends and colleagues and found more similarities than differences in their views overall. We also differ very slightly on Unity's prayer form versus a "treatment" from Religious Science. In the latter, a spiritual mind treatment is an affirmative prayer stated in a systematic manner or formula. It, too, have five steps that guide the recipient and the practitioner through a logical flow of statements that reinforces our unity with God. In Unity, we also have a five-step prayer process. Fundamentally, our methods are the same. Each looks beyond the appearance to the Truth of God ... more
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