What is the difference between saxony, textured, frieze and Berber carpet?

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1 Answer

Saxony, textured, and frieze are all types of cut pile carpets. Saxony is a very formal carpet that shows footprints easily. Textured carpets are tightly twisted to minimize footprints. Friezes are even more tightly twisted; the fibers actually bend over themselves. Berbers are carpets that are looped. What pad choices do I have? Is it true that it is better to upgrade the pad and not the carpet? Do I have to replace my pad? There are three main types of pad: rebond foam, rubber cushion and fiber pad. Think of the pad as the shock absorber of your carpet. The better the pad, the longer before the carpet begins to show wear. You don’t have to replace your pad, but your product warranty is usually made void. People also replace their pad for hygiene reasons.
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