What is the difference between teacup, tiny toy, and toy poodles?

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1 Answer

Poodles come in three registered sizes. Standard is the large breed poodle. Miniature is the mid-sized poodle. Toy is the smallest poodle breed. Breeders break down the toy poodle size into three categories, as well. The tiniest of the toy poodle sizes is the teacup. Tiny toy is the next size up. These two classifications (teacup and tiny toy) are just terms breeders use to identify size. Dogs in both of these size classes are registered as toy poodles. Because no kennel club has a registry for teacup or tiny toy poodles, there is no standard. Check with each individual breeder to determine what their standard is. What is a teacup to one person may not be a teacup to another person. Our standard for teacup is four pounds or smaller when full grown. Our standard for tiny toy is anything between four and six pounds. Anything over six pounds but no taller than 10 inches at the shoulders would be a toy. more
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