What is the difference between the ALS Scan & ALS Angels affiliate programs?

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1 Answer

ALS Scan, Inc. owns and operates multiple websites catering to different customers wants and desires. The overall concept of ALSScan.com & ALSAngels.com is basically the same: We find the prettiest women in the world who are willing to do everything from simple glamour posing to inserting the wildest things they can find. And of course all of the models are totally shaved in the pubic region. Each site contains 100% original content, all ultra high quality, shot and produced by ALS. Now for the differences between the two sites: Each web site provides completely different material. ALS Scan presents models with smaller breasts (usually A and B cup models), while ALS Angels presents the more mature looking models with generally larger breasts (usually C and D cup models). There may be a few exceptions to this rule from time to time, however we do try to hold true to this distinction. ALS Scan updates daily with new video clip and image content - since updates are continual, model sets ... more
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