What is the difference between the EdS and PhD degrees?

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1 Answer

Specialist training consists of 80 graduate credit hours, including a year-long internship, and leads to the Education Specialist (EdS) degree. Doctoral training consists of 136 graduate credit hours, including a year-long internship, early research experience, and dissertation, and leads to the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree. PhD preparation can be distinguished from EdS preparation in the greater breadth and depth of coursework and field experiences. Students in the PhD track are required to complete 12 credit hours in an area of specialization. This coursework usually is taken during the student's third and/or fourth year in the SPP. An area of specialization is equivalent to a “minor” in other professional preparation programs. The area of specialization represents the successful completion of coursework that would enable the PhD candidate to develop expertise in a specified and coherent academic area selected in consultation with their advisor. PhD students also spend an ... more
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