What is the difference between the Recessed and Surface Mount Models?

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1 Answer

Both the Recessed and Surface Mount Models function the same. The difference between the models is the Recessed Series hangs on the wall similar to a conventional mirror. It has a flush-like appearance, extended from the wall. It requires a small cut out in the wall to contain a portion of the unit. The Surface Mount Series mounts on the wall like a picture frame and extends approximately 3 from the wall. This model does not require a cut out hole in the wall. The Surface Mount Series comes with either unfinished wood (cherry, oak, maple) or mirror side panels. Q: How is the sound generated from the television mirror? A: The speakers are self-contained within the television mirror. The sound is generated out the bottom of the unit on both the recessed and surface mount mirrors. The recessed mirror hangs approximately from the wall when mounted to allow for the sound to travel out. Q: Can I hook up my DVD player or external sound system to the television mirror? A: Yes. The mirror has ... more
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