What is the difference between the Reply-to email address and the Alert-to email address?

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1 Answer

• "Grab of starts in minutes" • "Grab of started" • "CacheCam got it!" These are sent to the Alert-to address. It would be most appropriate for this Alert-to address to be your mobile phone's email address. That way you can be alerted as the grab is actually taking place. Once the image grab is complete, CacheCam sends the image to the Reply-to address. Your personal email address would be most appropriate for this. These two addresses can be the same. If you set them to your phone's email address, you will receive the alerts, and if you have a multimedia-capable phone, the image, too. TOP • How is the Delay element useful? I always just use my phone at the cache site. There may be times when you need to make the request away from the actual webcam geocache location. Perhaps you are using a cybercafe's computer to make the request, and need a minute or two to get to the cache location. The Delay element tells CacheCam to delay starting the grab unt more
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