What is the difference between the service, retail and manufacturing sectors?

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1 Answer

These three headings are used to categorize business in the United States. All businesses fall into one of these three. Service is selling time and convenience to busy Americans and can range from a car wash to a catering enterprise. A retail business involves a store or selling of merchandise. Manufacturing is our auto industry, or the making of widgets for a giant corporation's assembly line. 91. What's the best way to approach any type of agreement with a supplier, customer, etc.? Put it in writing. When it comes to money, a written agreement will spell out the responsibilities, deadlines, prices and anything else that pertains to the matter at hand. 92. How do I investigate or judge the legitimacy of a company offering a new business opportunity? Here are a few guidelines: beware of companies that request money right away, even before they adequately explain what their biz opp consists of; make sure the company has a number, address you can use to follow-up on their sales ... more
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