What is the difference between the Visx Custom Vue and the Zeiss Mel 80?

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1 Answer

The Clearview Institute is committed to using the treatment that is right for you. While the Visx Custom Vue will successfully perform a wavefront guided treatment in every patient, it is customized to the patient for only that given moment in time. In fact, research shows that only 10% of all patients do best with a wavefront guided treatment. Rather, 80% of all patients do best with a wavefront optimized treatment, and 10% with a topographically guided treatment. That's why Clearview Institute deploys both the Zeiss Mel 80 and the Wavelight Allegretto - the only wavefront optimized lasers licensed in Canada and the only ones capable of all three treatment options. This allows us to deliver true customized care that is tailored to a given patient's needs.
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