What is the difference between Vaganova, Cecchetti, Balanchine and RAD Ballet?

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Each technique has its own naming system for what direction to face, arm positions, arabesques, and some of the dance steps. For example, the arm position known as "fifth en bas" in Cecchetti is known as "preparatory" in Vaganova. However, the five basic positions of the feet are the same throughout Vaganova emphasizes dancing with the entire body, promoting harmonious movement among arms, legs, and torso.The torso is the foundation of all movements, so the dancer's torso had to be strengthened. It is very clean and precise but not stiff. It was a combining of the Italian Cecchetti and the French method of dance. The Cecchetti technique has been developed from the teachings of the great ballet master Enrico Cecchetti by the Cecchetti Society. One notable emphasis in the Cecchetti syllabus is that the arms flow and blend from position to position more than any other technique. . Balanchine would be Neoclassical ballet. Generally Ballancine pieces are short and very fast often without ... more
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