What is the difference between Vintage Tub & Bath’s cast iron clawfoot tubs and acrylic clawfoot tubs?

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If made well, both acrylic and cast iron clawfoot tubs will serve you well for decades. However, acrylic clawfoot tubs and cast iron clawfoot tubs are indeed quite different physically. As a result, each type has its own pros and cons. For instance, an acrylic clawfoot tub interior surface is much easier to scratch than the extremely hard porcelain glass interior surface of a cast iron clawfoot tub, so an acrylic will typically lose its shine and luster well before a cast iron clawfoot tub does. However, such scratches in an acrylic surface can be more easily repaired by sanding and polishing methods than a similarly scratched porcelain enamel tub. The porcelain surface on a cast iron clawfoot tub is usually easier to keep extremely clean as compared to an acrylic surface because of its superior hardness and scratch-resistance, but acrylic surfaces are also wonderfully suited for sanitaryware use and are also quite easy to keep very clean. Acrylic tubs usually weigh less than a ... more
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