What is the difference between white rice and parboiled rice?

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All rice begins brown, but processing or "milling" turns it white. Brown rice is the whole grain, which includes the outer hull (also called the "bran.") It's unprocessed and contains the most fiber and vitamins. White rice is brown rice that has had the bran removed through that milling process I discussed earlier. This means that it loses some of its fiber and most of it's nutrients, since many of the vitamins are concentrated in the bran. Parboiled rice is white rice that has been "pre-cooked" before being packaged. Minute Rice is par-boiled. This means you can cook it in just a few minutes, versus 20-30 minutes for brown or white rice. However, it has the lowest amount of nutrients of all three types of rice, since some of the vitamins and minerals have leached out during the parboiling process. It's certainly convenient, but not particularly healthy. In terms of the impact that each type of rice has on gaining fat, rice overall is only fattening because of how each type impacts ... more
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