What is the difference in construction between a non-arcon articulator and an arcon articulator?

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In a non-arcon articulator, unlike human anatomy, the components representing condylar housings are found in the lower member of the articulator, and the spheres representing condyles are attached to either end of an axle that is part of the upper member. The upper arm of a non-arcon articulator can be fully opened without disconnecting from the lower arm, as with the Artex CN, CT, NK, TK, or TR models. In an arcon articulator, the condylar housings are part of the upper member and the condyles are located on either side of the lower member. This configuration looks more like human anatomy, and is sometimes preferred when using the instrument to describe and explain treatment to patients. The upper member of an arcon-type articulator can disconnect from the lower member when fully opened, unless the unit employs a centric lock, as does the CP, CR, AP, or AR arcon models from Jensen. All of the Artex non-arcon and arcon articulators are adaptable to the Splitex® calibration system, ... more
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