What is the difference(s) between cornmeal and hominy grits?

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Hominy grits consist only of the endosperm of the corn grain. The bran and germ are removed, and the grain is broken into small pieces. Corn meal may consist of only the endosperm or the whole grain. The cereal is ground into a finer meal. Therefore, the particle size is much smaller than that of hominy grits. 3. One additive to Farina is disodium phosphate. What is its function? Disodium phosphate is added to increase cooking speed. The pH is raised, and the alkalinity causes the starch granules to swell and gelatinize at a faster rate. Page 53 4. Why does the amount of water used to cook cereal vary? Water is necessary to gelatinize the starch in the cereal grain. The amount used must be adequate to swell the starch granules. The proportion of water used in each situation depends on the type and particle size of the cereal, the length and method of cooking and the desired final consistency. Rolled grains require less water than whole or broken grains. Finer more granular cereals ... more
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