What is the Exact Quick Weight Loss Center Diet Plan’s Phases — and How Much Does it Cost?

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That’s what most people complain about, the cost of the Quick Weight Loss Center diet — with the one-month combo of dietary aids going for $133 here on QWLC’s Houston website. And what’s in these pills? One person on the message boards of QWLC said they used to have dieters on Phen Phen, and when that got banned, they changed to Phen Pro — so he wondered what new appetite suppressant pill they were using. I scanned through some of the ingredients in the pills, trouble is, I don’t know what the L-tyrosine is that some of them contain. Hopefully it’s safe. And I don’t like the fact that one other blogged who listened to Rush Limbaugh said that Rush said you don’t need to exercise to lose weight. You don’t but it can be a healthy factor if doctored-approved for most individuals. And what’s up with the little green apples and so much water drinking? Don’t get me wrong — I drink water like a fish. I probably at least get the 80 – 100 oz per day that the Quick Weight Loss Center message ... more
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