What is the FASA/BASA Identification card?

BASA card FASA Identification

What is the FASA/BASA Identification card?


FASA and BASA are certifications that the State of Florida requireseach and every alarm installer to have. FASA stands for Fire AlarmSystems Agent and BASA stands for Burglar Alarm Systems Agent. Once youreceive the certification the company you work for is required toprovide an picture ID card with showing that you are certified, thename of the company that you work for, the license number for thecompany you work for, and the expiration date of the certification.

Transferring ID cards when changing companies.

According to Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation(DBPR) the BASA FASA certification ID cards can be transferred from onecompany to another if the organization that provided the training iswilling to transfer the information to new BASA FASA ID cards. Sometraining providers will transfer the BASA FASA certification ID cardsto a new company for a nominal fee and other training providers willnot without retaking the course.

For example, the Alarm Association of Florida will not transfer BASA FASA certification ID cards without retaking the course.

Other training providers, including Power Learning Systems willtransfer your BASA FASA certification ID cards to another company foraround $15 without having to retake the course.

You will have to contact the training provider that issued your BASAFASA certification ID cards to verify their policy on transfering theID cards and if they require you to retake the course or not.

But, as I stated above… the Florida Department of Business andProfessional Regulation does NOT require you to retake the BASA FASAcourse when changing companies. It basically comes down to financialgreed when the certification provider mandates that you retake thecourse when changing companies.

So, choose your BASA FASA training provider carefully or it may cost you a lot more time and money in the future.


The licensed electrical or alarm system contractor must provide each FASA/BASA employee with an identification card that includes the following:

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