What is the Fine Art Registry™ tag?

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The Fine Art Registry tags are large enough to make a bold security statement to a thief, yet unobtrusive, so as not to interfere with the aesthetics or beauty of a piece. Each tag measures 1" x 2". They are manufactured with multiple technological security layers which makes duplication, tampering, or counterfeiting of the tags virtually impossible. The tags are designed for all applications of artwork and valuables.The tags are attractive, clear or transparent. The tag is a holographic design, is tamper evident, and are manufactured using 100% acid-free materials and adhesives. Therefore, the tags are safe to apply or affix to any artwork, rare book, manuscript, photograph, sculpture, antique gun, textile, or any other object of value. The tags are issued with a human readable serialized number as well as Fine Art Registry’s approved logo and seal. The additional covert layers of cutting-edge security technology that are manufactured into the patent-pending Fine Art Registry tag, ... more
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