What is the first gun ever invented? Who invented it?

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" Great question from a nine year old girl. This question has been asked many times. I get this question at least once a week. The when, where and who of the very first firearm is very much a gray area. Nobody is completely certain about the origin and inventor of the very first firearm. The inventor of the very first firearm was never recorded, or the record has been lost. The year the firearm was first invented was not recorded either and is also not conclusively known. It was so long ago, that comprehensive records were not made or kept. It is possible that if there were any records made of the inventor, they may have been lost or destroyed. There are only a few things that we have to go on and here they are: The actual individual inventor of gun powder could have been a Chinese alchemist known as Sun-Sy-Miao. It wasn't until the year 904, that there was documentation of an approximate recipe for gun powder by a man from China named Siui-Tung. They used gun powder in their ... more
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