What is the function of a graduated cylinder?

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A graduated cylinder is a test tube shaped piece of laboratory equipment that measures volumes of 10 to 1,000 milliliters. It is usually made of glass, although some newer ones are plastic.FeaturesThe increments used on the cylinders will depend on the size of the cylinder. A 10-ml cylinder, for example, will present measurements in 2-mm increments while a 50-ml cylinder may present them in 1-ml incrementsAccuracyAlthough it may seem that smaller increments will provide more accuracy, larger cylinders are actually less accurate due to their larger diameters.Reading the MeasurementThe top of the liquid in a graduated cylinder will appear concave. Read the volume of the liquid from the bottom of the cylinder to the meniscus, the lowest point of this concave surface.Estimating the AmountAfter determining the point of the meniscus, it is often necessary to estimate the amount of liquid if the lowest point comes between two marks, For example if a mark comes three fourths of the way ...
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