What is the GPA requirement to transfer to UBC/SFU/UVIC?


The grade-point average (GPA) required to transfer to a university varies every semester depending on the quantity and quality of applications. Universities and/or faculties that are very popular or which have fewer spaces for students tend to have higher GPA requirements. Students should be aware that projected GPA cut-offs are merely educated guesses, since the real cut-offs are determined only once all admissions are finalized. Universities and/or faculties that are less popular or which have more spaces have lower GPA requirements. Normally, a GPA of between 3 and 3.3 is required for admission to most faculties at B.C.’s three main universities. You can check with a counsellor or with the university of your choice regarding projected and past GPA cut-offs. Question #2: Can I use TOEFL to get into university instead of taking English courses? Answer: Students who apply to university as Secondary students can use TOEFL or IELTS and/or some other standardized test results to ...
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