What is the highest & lowest temperatures recorded in Hawaii?

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1 Answer

Highest recorded temperature: 100 degrees in Pahala Hawaii in April 1931 Lowest recorded temperature: 12 degrees on the summit of the volcano Mauna Kea in May 1979 How do rainbows happen, anyway? Can you see rainbows every day in Hawaii? A rainbow forms when raindrops falling through the air separate white sunlight into a spectrum. It is seen usually in the sky opposite to the sun and also in the spray from waterfalls. When the sunlight enters a raindrop it is refracted, or bent, and reflected from the back surface of the drop in such a way that the viewer sees light appear as a spectrum of colors! The colors can be seen, however, only when the angle of reflection between the sun, the drop of water, and the observer's line of vision is between 40 and 42. We see a lot of double rainbows in Hawaii. In the brightest or primary rainbow, often the only one seen, the colors are arranged with the red outside. Above the perfect bow is a secondary bow, in which the colors are arranged in ... more
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