What is the highest rank in a police force?

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2 Answers

Rank structure of the Houston, Texas Police Department: Cadet Probationary officer Police officer Senior police officer (10 or more years as a police officer) Sergeant Lieutenant Captain Asst. Chief Executive Chief Chief of Police *Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain positions are attained by testing and a promotional board as of 2000. All ranks above Captain are Chief appointed positions, who can appointed any current continuously serving city of Houston police officer, but it is very rare for them to appoint anyone below the rank of sergeant. The Chief of police is a appointed my the Mayor, who can a select anyone he/she chooses, no matter the rank (usually no one below the rank of Asst. Chief), from within the department or outside. The Houston Police Department does not have rank of detective. A detective is usually any officer below the rank of Lieutenant, who works in a investigative unit, who actively investigates cases. Lieutenants testing for the rank of Captain are required ...
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In the United States, Chief of Police/Police Commissioner/Sheriff (depending on whether it is at federal, state, and local police level) are the highest ranks in the police force.

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