What is the Hindu day of worship?

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Namaskar, There is no one particular day for worship for the Hindus. Reverence for God and its manifestation in a particular culturally compatible way is never a weekly affair, but a continous one. The fragrance of devotion should exude all the time in & through all our acts, and at all the levels - mind, speech or body. Just as it is unthinkable to manifest love towards ones beloved on 'one particular day' of the week, so also it is unthinkable for a Hindu to relegate worship to just one day a week. In fact we have rituals like 'Sandhya Vandana' where worship is enjoined for three times a day. However, recently some days have been associated with some deities, but it should be understood that this does not over rule the injunctions of Vedas for reverence for God & its manifestation all the time. more
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