What is the history of Libertyville, Illinois?

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1 Answer

The land that is now Libertyville was the property of the Illinois River Potawatomi Indians until August 1829, when economic and resource pressures forced the tribe to sell much of their land in northern Illinois to the U.S. government for $12,000 plus an additional $12,000 in goods, plus an annual delivery of 50 barrels of salt. http://www.mpm.edu/wirp/ICW-107.html The treaty forced the Potawatomi to leave their lands by the mid-1830s http://www.19thcircuitcourt.state.il.us/.../history.htm, and by 1835 the future Libertyville had its first recorded non-indigenous resident, one George Vardin. Said to be a "well-educated" English peopleEnglish immigrant with a wife and a young daughter, Vardin lived in a cabin located where the Cook Park branch of the Cook Memorial Public Library District <a href="http://www
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