What is the human population of the arctic tundra?

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1 Answer

The Arctic (region) is different from the Arctic tundra, so there are a lot less that 4 million living, much less surviving, in such a harsh environment on a giant ice sheet. The Arctic tundra fringes the northern edges of Europe, Asia, and North America, and being such a harsh environment has only a few human settlements. Most of the people who live there are nomadic indigenous peoples, such as the Inuit, and those doing studies in conservation (nature and its resources), science (Earth, biology, and ecology being the tops), mining, and oil and other explorations, etc. There are government and other programs that employ people from around the world to do a number of things, but the populations of the tundra, consist mainly of those humans that have adapted to the harsh climate for thousands of years. Many of the different native peoples were killed by European diseases, much as the American Indian populations in the US when European began exploring and settling the New World. They ... more
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